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EPF Online Payment – Guide for EPF Payment through Net Banking

The EPF Online Payment service is one of the large facility for the Employers. According to the EPFO guidelines, the Employer must deposit the EPF latest by 15th Date of every month. The organizations should complete the EPF payment procedure within the prescribed time limit. The Employer does not need to go to the EPF O office anymore as the EPF online payment is available.

Every the 8.33% is deducted from the salary of Employee as Provident Fund. The Employer keeps the part of Employee’s salary to himself and adds the Employer’s contribution of 3.67%. The Provident Fund is calculated 12% of Employee’s salary.

Benefits of EPF Online Payment

There are lots benefits to the Employer’s who prefer EPF Online Payment.

  • With the EPF Online Payment, Employer’s are needed to prepare and submit the paper return.
  • The SMS message will immediately send to the Employer’s mobile, once the EPF amount is transferred successfully.
  • With the EPF Online Payment, Employer’s are needed to visit the regional EPFO office for the EPF amount.
EPF Online Payment

The EPFO launched the Employer e-Sewa portal for the EPF Online Payment and the other services to the Employers. The Online Payment can quickly make the EPF Online Payment by using any of the Online Banking Service. Here we will discuss the whole procedure for the EPF Online Payment as follow:

  • Online registration of Employer.
  • The Online Electronic Challan Cum Return.
  • The Generation of the Temporary Return Preference Number and Challan.
  • The EPF online payment through the Net Banking.

Steps of EPF Online Payment with Net Banking

Follow the given below procedure at EPF site and later on the bank’s net banking page for the online EPF payment. We show you the stepwise procedure for your quick understanding.

  • Open the official website of EPFO
  • Log in if you have registered, otherwise create your user ID and password.
  • Upload your details to generate ECR.
  • Click on the option of Online ECR.
  • Generate your Temporary Return Reference Number.
  • To produce the Challan, you have to upload the details of the monthly contribution. It should be done as per the given format prescribed in the website.
  • Upload the text size of the input statement after filling all the details.
  • Approve it after verification.
  • Now download the Challan by clicking on the “Download Challan” menu.
  • The TRRN will be displayed on the top right side of the Challan.
  • The Challan is valid only for the 15 days from the date of generation. Remit your payment within the 15 days from the time of generation of Challan.
  • If you fail to pay the EPF online payment within the 15 days, then you will need to re-upload it again to generate the new TRRN.


I hope after reading the article, you will understand how to make the online payment. The online payment procedure is very much helpful for the Employee’s as well as Employer also. Follow the steps which are given above for the online payment with the Net Banking.

If still, you have any query, then comment in the comment box which is provided below.

Check UAN Status | Generate UAN number at unified portal

UAN which is termed as the Universal account number. The UAN number is established as a shade for the several Ids which are allotted to the person through different establishments. The UAN number will help the members to view the details of each and every member ID number linked to it. UAN is a 12 digit no. which is joined to every employee ids by EPFO. The number is very useful for knowing the details of EPF balance, download passbook or any EPF statement. All the members who want these benefits need to get an UAN or Universal Account Number. The Universal account number is allowed by the employee’s fund organization only. The people can get the regular updates with the universal account number from the portal.

Procedure to Check the UAN Status:

All the EPF members can check the Universal account number, status through online at their official website. If you are already a member of EPFO then you can easily activate your UAN quickly. The UAN number can enable at EPFO member portal. The activated  UAN can provide members huge numbers of facilities and benefits. With the help of the UAN number, the employee can check the PF balance in a simple manner. Every member has a different UAN number. Those UAN numbers are published to the members for lifetime validity. The number will remain same when the workplace changed. The members can also see the UAN number from their bank account, Aadhar card and PAN card. This will give rid of many difficulties for the workers while they are withdrawing the provident fund. The UAN cannot change after modification.

UAN status Features:

  • It will act as one place for each allotted IDs.
  • EPFO (Employee Provident Fund Organization) has to be assigned UAN Number.
  • Primary KYC of the UAN Number are Aadhar card, PAN, and Bank Account number.
  • With the help of UAN status, customer details have to be implanted.

Benefits of UAN status:

  • Check the Account Status
  • Download universal account number card
  • Prints the UAN passbook
  • List the Member IDs
  • Know Customer (KYC) Documents

Tips to Generate your UAN Number:

Each person who holds the PF can have UAN number. The idea of government is to have one place for the members those have multiple IDs from EPFO. Whenever the employee follows the company that he/she has to fill-up the statement form and the UAN Number is also one of them. If your number is not generated, then you have to utilize the process to track a UAN status.

Steps to generate the UAN number:

  • In the EPF (Employee Provident Fund), the member has to fill their office area and state.
  • Enter the provident fund that has been diverted into PF Number.
  • Then select the Check Status button. And if the message received that your UAN number are activated. It gives hints to you that EPFO (Employee Provident Fund Organization) has assigned you as the UAN holder.

UAN activation of UAN number of unified EPFO portal

Hello, Readers welcome to our Blog. Today we are back to the interesting article which is all about activation of the UAN account by the UAN number of EPFO portal. EPFO has introduced the UAN (Universal Account Number) for members and the provided number help them or allows portability of PF accounts without depending on others employers and they can easily transfer or withdraw money quickly. The UAN number which has to be allotted by an employer needs to be activated.

First of all, let us talk about EPFO. EPFO is an Employees’ Provident Fund Organization. The EPFO is mandatory for all companies who have more than 7 employees. This scheme is launched by Government for saving the employees’ interest as part of the small saving scheme. In this scheme, 50% employees’ share is deposited. Government has now issued a unique no. for every member which is called Universal Identification Number. If any employee left the job or transfer in another company, in this case, this unique no. is very helpful because your PF amount will be shifted through this no. in your PF account without any cancellation of PF account. The former employer will provide UAN and member ID to the current employer. UAN no. is very essential no. for an employee. UAN is a 12 digit no. which is prearranged to every employee by EPFO. The idea is to link multiple Member Id to a single member means the foremost benefit of UAN is that it includes easy tagging of multiple EPF Member Id under a single member Id. The UAN number will be in touch with you that includes your monthly payslip.

Benefits of activating the UAN:

There are some lots of benefits in activating your UAN number. Some benefits listed below:

  • The Member can check his PF status.
  • The Member can Update or correct KYC information.
  • The Member can track his claim status for withdrawal.
  • Member can also check his UAN status if he doesn’t receive any UAN yet.
  • The Member can download PF passbook.

Some people facing problems to activate UAN at EPFO but, we are here to solve you this problem for you.

Please follow these instructions below:-

  • Visit the website at
  • Click on the “Activate UAN” link in the right bottom corner under the Important Links bar.
  • Fill the compulsory field for the UAN activation such as UAN no., name, date of birth, Mobile no., Email id.
  • Now you will receive OTP in your registered Mobile no.
  • Enter OTP no. carefully.
  • After filling OTP you will receive a password in your mobile.
  • Now you can Login with your UAN no. and Password.

Points to note:

  • The member can access the EPF passbook and download the UAN card once registration is completed by using the login id and password.
  • The member can access the User Manual on the activation page of the website which provides information on the activation and further use of the portal.

UAN Passbook Download, Check Balance and Features

Download the passbook by signing into the UAN member portal of EPFO with UAN passbook and number. The best way to check the PF balance with the full details by downloading the UAN passbook from the member portal. Follow the guidelines for downloading the UAN passbook.

Features of the UAN passbook for the PF balance:

The Early provident fund provides the unified universal account number portal for the employee convenience. The employee can get the number on the portal and it also helps to check the early provident fund balance. The employee can also download the universal account number card and the passbook in their official portal of the provident fund office. The UAN passbook gives the many facilities for the early provident fund balance checking. This is the best platform which serves the many benefits, to the employee and employee also checks in a simple manner without any hassle.

The UAN member portal is the non-stoppable platform for all employees provident fund activities. With the help of this portal, the employee can download the UAN number passbook and it is important for getting the provident fund. The passbook is important for the each employee provident fund member and they have to download the passbook simultaneously. There is a saving scheme in the employee provident fund after the retirement that can be organized by the provident fund office. It’s important to become the of that scheme and the organization can register the entire employee in the employee provident fund account.

Steps to download the UAN passbook:

The employee can download the passbook in the unified UAN portal. Each member with the help of UAN can access the unified portal with the help of the UAN dashboard. Once the UAN is activated and the necessary people to log in to the account of the provident fund.

  • The employee visits to the universal account number portal to seeing the details of the provident fund and some other things in the portal.
  • If the employees are the first time user of the portal and the employee have to activate the UAN in the portal.
  • In the order to activate the universal account number, the employee has to give their universal account number and mobile number.
  • After the activation is completed, the employee has to login into the UAN portal by using the Universal Account Number and Password.
  • After the login into the UAN portal, the employee can reach to the Universal Account Number dashboard.
  • After this process is completed, the employee would see the three tiles are present on the site.
  • The first is available is for to view the passbook and employees click it on to download the UAN passbook for the future reference of the provident fund.

How to Download UAN Passbook Video, Check Balance

Check balance with the Universal Account Number:

  • The employees can check the employee provident fund status by just sending the free messages to the early provident fund office and the number is toll-free.
  • The Employee can also make the calls to check the provident fund balance with the interest.
  • The employee also downloads the provident fund application on their mobile phone and, then enter the UAN number and also checks the provident fund balance.

EPF balance Check PF status Enquiry online statement UAN Portal

EPF balance is also known as PF balance by the UAN portal. Here we are with the various options which track the EPF balance day to day. The members also can check the PF status by the UAN number, SMS and missed call service, PF number etc.

Steps to check your EPF balance online:

Proper steps are available for checking the PF balance. When you follow the step by step process, then you feel the convenient to check your PF balance. Check your PF balance regularly through online in the every month, this will give you the current updates of the account.

  • If you want to know your PF balance, then you will visit the EPF balance page and click on the know your PF balance link.
  • On that page, you want to select which state your employer is registered. You are working in any state, the online process will help you to know your PF balance easily.
  • After the selection of state, you have to select the regional PF office. In the every state the number of regional PF offices is available.
  • On that page, you have to enter your PF number. This number contains the number of digits and first, 2 alphabets is the code of the region and the next 3 alphabets are the code of the PF office where you are working.
  • Fill your EPF number and give your phone number
  • After filling all the details employee wants to click on the submit button.
  • After the submission of the details, you must get the SMS on your number about your PF balance.

This step by step process will be easy for the every people those who want to know their PF balance details. Use the simple method to know your PF balance details without any difficulty.

Check EPF balance with the UAN number at UAN portal:

You can also check the EPF balance with the help of UAN number and password, rather than the PF number or the EPF member id. Sometimes you may get the PF member ID and the member did not match while checking the EPF balance on the EPFO portal, but with the UAN log in portal once you logged in to the portal.

You can also check the EPF balance on the UAN portal download section. All you have to do just download the UAN passbook from the UAN portal by the login. The UAN passbook by default downloaded as the pdf file, so it’s better to check the PF balance on the desktop or on the laptop by using the UAN portal. If you want to check the EPF balance on your mobile, then download the mobile app, but only the activated members can check the balance on the mobile with EPFO app.

UAN Helpdesk Toll-Free Helpline

UAN helpdesk, EPF toll-free helpline, and the complaint registration are very helpful for the account holders. In this service, the helper will guide you.

In this helpline center, there is the 25 customer care executive will provide you. These managers help the information about the EPF member and the other details which provide for your mobile number. In this process, we can help the EPF information and resolve the small problems.

Assist the problems in the following cases:

  • In the customer care, you will able to find the universal account number
  • Reporting for more than one UAN
  • Change the mobile number
  • The UAN portal issues
  • Upload KYC detail
  • They can help in the guidance for the EPF transfer.
  • Passbook unavailability
  • For the new employee, we can solve the UAN linking problems.

Some Common Problems for UAN help desk portal:

  • Update your mobile number in case of loss
  • Change in the date of birth
  • The employer does not verify KYC
  • The OTP message is not received during the UAN activation
  • Change in the name of Father or Husband in UAN portal
  • Some problems with the UAN activation, PF transfer, and EPF withdrawal
  • Mismatched in the member id and UAN number
  • Change date of joining
  • Forget UAN password and changed mobile number

UAN Helpdesk for update Mobile number:

In case you forget your UAN login password and your mobile number is changed, then there is no way to retrieve your UAN password except contacting UAN support. The employees can reset the password at UAN portal, and the new password will be sent by SMS.

To change your mobile number in EPF account, employees have to register a complaint at the UAN help desk portal. Fill the details of EPFO member.

Name, Father’s name, Mobile number, Date of birth, Member ID and the preferred language for the communication. Description about your problem is mandatory in 1000 characters.

UAN Helpdesk Registration and Login:

UAN helpdesk is used for the complaints and any other issues. Email or call sends any question released. We can solve your problem.

The Website of the UAN helpdesk portal is:

The UAN helpdesk portal has always changed its port because the many hackers are trying to hack the EPFO to get the benefit of PF money transfer to their account. For the security of EPFO, they are always upgrading the UAN and EPFO site.



How to calculate public provident fund online?

PPF  manages to sound like it is a very complex term but is not, it is rather just known as the public provident fund. It remains to be a tax-savings or saving scheme introduced by National Saving Institute of the Ministry of Finance under the Central Government. There is microscopic that is known about this institute by the general public but it operates rather efficiently, as introducing such beneficiary schemes has helped general public a lot.

How does it work?

The goal of PPf is basically to provide the savings in small amounts for public, to help them cultivate the habit of the investment. It is the most basic type of investment; the minimum amount is of Rs.500/- to a maximum of Rs.1,50,000/-.

There is, however, no limit on how many times one can invest, but as mentioned, the amount of investment can vary as per your choice. You can provide standing instructions to your desired bank to make certain deduction every month to make it convenient and comfortable.

Read More:

EPF Login Step by Step Guide

Check EPF Balance

Rate of interest on ppf

The rate of interest is a maximum of 8.1% per annum. The advantages begin with the fact that deposited amount is entirely tax-free and the money is compounded annually. So each year you will gain an appreciation for your submitted value using the compound interest, which is just brilliant.

How to calculate PPF online?

The easiest way to calculate ppf is merely discussing this matter with your banker when you are contemplating on opening a ppf account. If you find visiting a bank a task, then you can only utilize a PPF calculator. Depending on your choice of duration you can quickly calculate your PPF for a tenure of 15 to 20 years.


The PPF Calculator is one of the easiest ways to find out the total return on invested in PPF account online. You can see the total amount spent in 1 to 15 years under PPF Scheme. The rate of performance on a PPF is 8.1% per annum after recent revised in a 2016-17 financial year.

A PPF account is held for 15 years applicable for the further subscription. It should be remembered that all the investments made in a PPF account are in the multiples of 5 only, either wholesomely or in installments.

The main theme line of the calculation of PPF is that: The interest of the provident fund is calculated on the basis of monthly by taking the lowest balance of the month. However, the total interest is added to the PPF at year’s end.

The interest that is earned in a year will be added back to the final amount at the end of the year. The calculation of the interest and addition of it to the public provident fund account at the end of the year depends upon the fact that where your money is invested. The interest calculated has been decided upon the government to be 8.1% per annum. Indian citizens are entitled to save tax under section 80c up to 1.5 lakh INR.

Check EPF Balance

Employee provident fund organization has launched the many facilities for the EPF balance inquiry. It helps you to keep track your retirement corpus. So you can quickly take the appropriate action if required. The EPF balance is your only saving for the retirement. For the many of us, EPF is the regular saving which starts from the first day of the job. The government has made the EPF scheme mandatory for those employees who earns less than 15000 basic salaries in the month.

Some years back to find out the PF account status was not an easy task. You have to wait for the annual slips to know the PF balance. A Few years ago, the EPFO was starting to tell the PF balance through online. It helps a lot to the employees, and they also presented the EPF passbook to download. Now you can also get the EPF balance through the missed call and SMS as well.

Some method of EPF balance inquiry

  1. Check PF Balance through UAN

UAN (Universal Account Number)  has eased the many EPF related task. UAN is helping to get the EPF balance status immediately. UAN is the unique name which is given to the members of the employee provident fund. The UAN member portal provides the many facilities to EPF members. The biggest benefit of EPF is the regular update of EPF balance. You can also learn about UAN Login from this site

  1. Download PF Passbook through UAN

This Passbook, has the following details for your EPF account:

  • Employer’s monthly PF contribution
  • Latest EPF balance.
  • Your monthly PF contribution
  • The Employer’s contribution towards employee pension scheme.

The passbook of the UAn does not only tell you the latest PF balance, but the whole statement of the EPF contribution and your balance at the end of the month. For getting the facility of PF statement, you need to activate the UAN account. After the activation, you can log into the account and download the EPF passbook.

  1. EPF missed call service

This is one of the easiest methods to check your PF account balance. You have just to give the missed call to the designated number, and within minutes you will receive an SMS. This message is telling you the latest EPF balance.

Inquiry Number to Check PF balance = 01122901406

  1. EPF Mobile App

The EPF has launched their official mobile app. The app does not only tell the EPF balance, but it also helps you to activate your UAN through this app. Both the employer and pensioners can use this app.

You can download this app from the EPFO website. The EPF mobile app is available at Google play store. To check your PF account balance through this app, you have entered your UAN and registered mobile number

  1. Know Your EPF Balance through online

In this method of the PF balance inquiry, you give your PF membership details at know your PF balance page. This page will ask your PF number, and mobile number and then the PF balance feature will be sent to your mobile. Through this method, you get to know the contribution of the employee, employer’s contribution, and pension amount separately.

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