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Check UAN Status | Generate UAN number at unified portal


UAN which is termed as the Universal account number. The UAN number is established as a shade for the several Ids which are allotted to the person through different establishments. The UAN number will help the members to view the details of each and every member ID number linked to it. UAN is a 12 digit no. which is joined to every employee ids by EPFO. The number is very useful for knowing the details of EPF balance, download passbook or any EPF statement. All the members who want these benefits need to get an UAN or Universal Account Number. The Universal account number is allowed by the employee’s fund organization only. The people can get the regular updates with the universal account number from the portal.


Procedure to Check the UAN Status:

All the EPF members can check the Universal account number, status through online at their official website. If you are already a member of EPFO then you can easily activate your UAN quickly. The UAN number can enable at EPFO member portal. The activated  UAN can provide members huge numbers of facilities and benefits. With the help of the UAN number, the employee can check the PF balance in a simple manner. Every member has a different UAN number. Those UAN numbers are published to the members for lifetime validity. The number will remain same when the workplace changed. The members can also see the UAN number from their bank account, Aadhar card and PAN card. This will give rid of many difficulties for the workers while they are withdrawing the provident fund. The UAN cannot change after modification.


UAN status Features:

  • It will act as one place for each allotted IDs.
  • EPFO (Employee Provident Fund Organization) has to be assigned UAN Number.
  • Primary KYC of the UAN Number are Aadhar card, PAN, and Bank Account number.
  • With the help of UAN status, customer details have to be implanted.

Benefits of UAN status:

  • Check the Account Status
  • Download universal account number card
  • Prints the UAN passbook
  • List the Member IDs
  • Know Customer (KYC) Documents

Tips to Generate your UAN Number:

Each person who holds the PF can have UAN number. The idea of government is to have one place for the members those have multiple IDs from EPFO. Whenever the employee follows the company that he/she has to fill-up the statement form and the UAN Number is also one of them. If your number is not generated, then you have to utilize the process to track a UAN status.

Steps to generate the UAN number:

  • In the EPF (Employee Provident Fund), the member has to fill their office area and state.
  • Enter the provident fund that has been diverted into PF Number.
  • Then select the Check Status button. And if the message received that your UAN number are activated. It gives hints to you that EPFO (Employee Provident Fund Organization) has assigned you as the UAN holder.

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